The sculk Shrieker blocks were first spotted in Minecraft LIVE’s global reveal stream of The Wild Update. They are one of many new, sculk-based blocks that can be found in the deep dark biome with its subterranean towns. The Sculk Shriekers can be found in Minecraft: Bedrock Edition’s creative inventory (allegedly when experimental gameplay has […]
After the Minecraft standard experience is complete, installing mods in Minecraft can be one of the most enjoyable things you do. Mods are able to add new features that can completely alter Minecraft. The installation is easy. Many mods add new blocks with new features, or just for decoration. Below is a list of Minecraft’s top block […]
Minecraft worlds can be vast and endless. If that feature is disabled, every world can be created infinitely. The world will continue on for ever. One type of world can do this, but it will also be larger and more beautiful. Amplified Worlds in Minecraft are world types that can cause higher mountains and deeper caves. This Java Edition […]
It can be lonely and dangerous to travel through a Minecraft world, but it is possible to find a friend in your animal. Players can give animal mobs in Minecraft with specific food items so that they can tame them and allow them to follow them on their adventures. While some animals are sufficient as […]
Minecraft is a very popular game that lets players create their own worlds. Servers are an important part of Minecraft. They allow players to collaborate and build together, or play against one another in different game modes. Minecraft servers can vary in size, features, and rules-based gameplay. City servers are a popular Minecraft Server type […]
MineplexIP:, us.mineplex.comServer: Minecraft Survival Server Mineplex is the most powerful Minecraft server. Mineplex hosts thousands of players and is home to multiple zones and arenas for many game types. Mineplex feels like an MMO. It has incredible detail, making it one the best Minecraft servers. Both the staff and players are great sports, and […]