Minecraft for PC is the best-selling video game of all time


Minecraft for PC is the best-selling video game of all time

Minecraft for PC is the most popular video game ever. This should be enough to convince you to buy Minecraft for PC. But here are some reasons why you should play it right away. It's a sandbox game where players must build, mine, and craft their ideal world.

Resources can be very rare or extremely common. It is often difficult to find the most valuable commodities, so deep mining and the construction of reinforced tunnels are necessary to prevent flood water and rock falls from destroying your property.

There is no story line. It is up to you to decide what you want. You can build cities or rural mansions, or you can farm sheep and fish. You can make the game whatever you want.

Some Famous Minecraft Feats

The game recreates the Eiffel Tower in stunning and exact detail. You can even go to Paris and take a walk around the beautiful parks nearby. The iconic city was built by 175 players over two-and-a-half years. There are many other fictional cities and towns that were created from video games (Sonic, Bioshock), popular cultures (Star Wars) and books (e.g. the Lord of the Ring trilogy).
A man who lived near Chester, England, has recreated the medieval town. He wanted to share a project with his daughters, and the beautiful old town was their favorite place to visit. After hours of meticulous research and crafting, they recreated the city in stunning detail.
Working computers and the iPhone. A few genius players have created a working computer, complete with programs that can run by curious visitors, and an early edition iPhone with touchscreen and apps.

Here are some tips for fun play

Be on the lookout for Creepers These creepy creatures will sneak up on you (hence their name), utter a brief hiss (just enough to scare you but not enough to run away), and then explode, killing and inflicting severe damage to everything in their immediate vicinity.

If you kill a Creeper, they will drop experience pearls. These pearls are very valuable and should be collected immediately.

Other monsters include spiders and skeletons, zombies and Endermen, as well as witches and slimes. Each can be defeated in their own way. This can be thrilling and can be challenging.

Mobs are the name given to monsters and animals. They don't crowd around you, although they can, but it's because they are mobile. This means they can move around and even wander off if they are not following you closely!