PewDiePie’s next Minecraft Plan


PewDiePie’s next Minecraft Plan

Felix 'PewDiePie" Kjellberg's September 13th video showed him contemplating his future plans for his YouTube series. He had reacted to mods, creations and other comments from the Minecraft subreddit.

PewDiePie achieved the "end" of vanilla Minecraft on August 25th after defeating the Ender Dragon. This result has left many wondering what the future holds.

Fans were able to see the future potential for the Swede's popular gaming series in his latest video. He reacted to fan creations and mods, which led him to consider some possible ideas.

PewDiePie's Minecraft future

The YouTube king showed his viewers mods by McMakistein, the infamous modder who created houses that can walk on their legs and fly across the map. The Swede was left to think about the future of his Minecraft series.

"See, a lot people have been telling my that I should use mods in Minecraft right away. Modded survival is now a thing to keep it fresh. You can do this type of stuff," the YouTube star stated, demonstrating the mod.

Pewds later discovered that bees were coming to Minecraft in a future upgrade. He debated whether he should wait or cheat to spawn them.

"There are bees in Minecraft!" I don't know if I can play the new one. Because I don't believe you can spawn them without cheating. Or should I wait for the actual update? He said, "I think I should just wait."

After seeing a player-created data packet that allows people to put a saddle on bees, and then ride them, the YouTuber quickly changed his mind. He exclaimed, "Oh my God, okay. I'm getting bees."

A great example of how fans can modify the game to make it more fun.