Best pets in Minecraft


Best pets in Minecraft

It can be lonely and dangerous to travel through a Minecraft world, but it is possible to find a friend in your animal.

Players can give animal mobs in Minecraft with specific food items so that they can tame them and allow them to follow them on their adventures.

While some animals are sufficient as companions, others can offer benefits that will benefit the player. Although the benefits of each mob are different, they all have some benefit. You might find some animal mobs that are better than others, so it is worth keeping a close eye on the best pets.

5) Horses/Donkeys/Mules

It can be difficult to move around in a Minecraft world because players aren't able to sprint or run as fast as they used to. Players can still move quickly across most terrain with horses, donkeys, or mules. First, they'll need find an animal mob and then try to mount it by pressing the right-click or using the use button with an opened hand.

Although the creature might kick the player a few times, eventually the beast will be controlled. The creature can then be protected and ridden by players who can apply armor or a saddle.

The best thing about taming these animals? They don't need food for their initial taming.

4) Parrots

Parrots are not good in battle but they can help you in Minecraft. Parrots can be trained to follow the player by eating wheat, pumpkin seeds, beetroot or melon. If the player approaches them, they can perch on their shoulders.

Parrots are able to imitate mob sounds, even though they cannot fight. Parrots can provide audio cues to help players realize that they might not be as safe as they think.

3) Foxes

A baby fox is a useful mob for Minecraft players who want to find items. The foxes can be bred with either sweet or glowberries to produce a baby fox that trusts the player.

To keep it close and keep it happy, players can use leads or other items to help keep it safe. Players will see the fox picking up any items that are on the ground once it is a mature fox. Foxes may even be able to pick up weapons or other items and use them in battle, though they won't be able to see the weapon being used.

Players who allow a fox or wolf to grab a sword with Fire Aspect can attack mobs as if it was using the weapon.

2) Cats/Ocelots

Cats and ocelots are a great pet in Minecraft. They can be easily tamed by eating raw salmon or cod.

Once they are tamed they will follow the player around, jumping on blocks, and keeping him company. Cats can bring gifts to the player, such as rabbit feet, string and even phantom membranes, when they sleep at night in a bed.

Creepers are afraid of cats and ocelots, which is one of the best things about them. A creeper will chase a cat or an ocelot until it is at least six to sixteen blocks from the animal. Phantoms can also be hounded by cats, so they keep their distance.

1) Wolves

Since Minecraft's inception, wolves have been tamed for the longest time. Wolves are great helpers to players. After eating a few bones, the collar will be attached to the wolf and they will be tamed.

If they are not told to, wolves will follow any player and attack any hostile mobs. There is no limit on the number of wolves that players can control, so it's possible for a whole army to protect a player. This can make things tricky as wolves can accidentally attack one another and end up fighting.