Minecraft block mods


Minecraft block mods

After the Minecraft standard experience is complete, installing mods in Minecraft can be one of the most enjoyable things you do.

Mods are able to add new features that can completely alter Minecraft. The installation is easy. Many mods add new blocks with new features, or just for decoration. Below is a list of Minecraft's top block mods.

5) Compact Machines

This mod is perfect for players who make a lot of redstone objects in Minecraft. Redstone can be used to create many amazing things, but not all of them look good or fit the theme.

This mod allows players to create complex redstone contraptions, and then hide them in Compact Machine Blocks. There are six types of Compact Machine blocks. The only difference is their size.

4) Decorative blocks

This mod adds new decorative blocks and features to Minecraft, as the name implies. This mod adds new blocks such as bonfires and reverse-craftable chandeliers, reverse-craftable rocky dirt, wooden chairs, and stone pillars.

3) Waystones

This mod is very well-known and has been downloaded over forty-eight millions times on CurseForge. Waystones mod removes the need to use /warp or /home commands and adds teleportation capabilities.

Waystones can be used to craft blocks that players can use to teleport there once activated. You can use a warp scroll or a rechargeable warp rock, or a waystone block. This mod is compatible with Minecraft 1.17. It will be updated when the 1.18 update is out.

2) Open blocks

This mod is among the most unique on the list. The developers can add anything they want to the mod. It doesn't follow a theme. This mod includes the following items and blocks: hand glider, elevator, tank, and golden eggs.

1) Chisels and Bits

This mod allows players to unleash their creativity by creating their own blocks or reusing blocks. This mod introduces a new tool called a chisel.

This mod is endlessly customizable, so players can make blocks of any form.