Minecraft City servers?


Minecraft City servers?

Minecraft is a very popular game that lets players create their own worlds. Servers are an important part of Minecraft. They allow players to collaborate and build together, or play against one another in different game modes.

Minecraft servers can vary in size, features, and rules-based gameplay. City servers are a popular Minecraft Server type that players often look for. City servers allow players to explore, build and live in large cities that have been created and maintained by other players.

This list will highlight the most popular Minecraft City Servers that players can join immediately to get started playing.

Notable: The writer's view is the only one that this list includes. Other views may be significantly different.

Minecraft's Most Suitable City Servers

Purple Prison – IP address PurplePrison.net

Purple Prison is a popular Minecraft server that allows players to create and manage their own houses in a large urban area.

Purple Prison allows players to simply type “/plotauto” to instantly claim their own piece of land. The next step is to type “/shop”, which will allow players to buy the necessary resources to create their dream home in this huge city of tens and thousands of others.

You can search for homes in the city by entering “/plothome (name)”

IP address: PurplePrison.com

Average playercount: 1200-1500

BusinessCraft – IP: play.mcbusinesscraft.com

BusinessCraft is an innovative Minecraft server that doesn't focus on survival but rather business in a large city. You can find many different jobs within the city or start your own business to employ others.

There are many things to do in BusinessCraft: cars, bikes and schools. You can also help the city run by becoming a politician or an Alderperson in City Halls to ensure that all laws are followed.

IP Address: play.mcbusinesscraft.com

Average playercount: 10-20

GrandTheftMinecart IP: mcgtm.net

GrandTheftMinecart is based on the hugely popular Grand Theft Auto video game series. It allows players to live a life full of crime and fast money.

There is plenty to do in the city of Minesantos. Players have the option to start their own gang or buy apartments.

IP Address: mcgtm.net

Average playercount: 150-200

Mc-Cities IP: play.mccities.com

Mccities allows players to live, work and play in a roleplaying city. Players can either buy a pre-built house or build one from scratch by joining the server. The neighborhood is alive with friendly people, bustling shops and organized events that everyone can take part in.

Mc-cities players can satisfy their every need by working hard in a variety of jobs like policing and doctoring. This may sound a little boring, but it is possible to work for the FBI or start a criminal street gang.

IP Address: play.mccities.com

Average playercount: 10-20

DemocracyCraft – IP: play.democracycraft.net

DemocracyCraft is the last server on this list. DemocraftCraft currently hosts over 100 players, making it one of the most popular Minecraft City roleplay servers.

The massive city of DemocracyCraft can be accessed quickly by players using driveable cars, helicopters and skateboards. The DemocracyCraft government is run by a democratically elected government made up of players. They make and adjust rules for the benefit of those who vote!

IP Address: play.democracycraft.net

Average playercount: 60-90